Post status description


Here I describe the post status page so you can understand roughly how I work.
Also, what to look out for in order to determine how much time it might take until I can finish the post.


Episodes watched:

First of all, you can check from the episode numbers how far I have watched the anime and how many I still have to watch.
Of course, a larger number of episodes means that it takes longer time until I can start creating a post.

Secondly, the number of episodes an anime has is pretty much irrelevant if the anime is not a pure romance anime.
The anime can then even have 50+ episodes for example, but since it probably has less romance elements, I don’t need to write much about it.
But if it is a pure romance anime, then the number of episodes is indeed important to consider.
That then means of course that I namely have to write more.

Howerver, under the episode numbers, I will also inform you whether it is a pure romance anime or not, so that you are aware of it.


Search for cover and character images and Editing cover and character images:

The search is different, sometimes I find everything immediately, and sometimes it takes a little longer.
The only problem I have more often is that I can’t find the original CV character images.
Then I have to take a screenshot of the characters from the anime and edit it myself.
This can take some time as I am not a Photoshop professional, but I try my best.


Section -> Anime Informations:

This is the section that probably takes the least time.


Sections -> General facts , Romance facts and My opinion:

And these are probably the most time consuming ones, since I also write detailed information here.


Translation and spell checking from German to English:

At the end I translate everything into English, and in addition check the spelling again.
And to let you know how far I am, I write down the number of words from how many I have already translated.
Also, then at each respective section that is (Completed) you will see a (Translated) next to.


Furthermore, I will also state when I last worked on the article.


With this information I hope you can estimate when a post can roughly be expected to be completed.
Please don’t forget that this blog is just a hobby of mine, and I can’t always have time to work on the post.
Be it because of work, family, friends or other stuff in life.