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Netojuu no Susume (Japanese)

Recovery of an MMO Junkie (English)



Adaption from: Manga



Romance rating:

3 out of 5 stars (6 / 10)



Title Episodes Release date Release season
Season 1 Netojuu no Susume 10 07.10.2017 ‑ 08.12.2017 Fall 2017
OVA 1 Netojuu no Susume OVA 1 08.12.2017 Fall 2017
Season 2 No Informations


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General facts:

Age gap?
Time skip?

Romance facts:

Love Triangle?
Interruptions at
Will the couple get together?
Will the couple stay together?
Dead of a love partner?


My opinion:

A RomCom anime that takes place in an online game and in the real world. The anime is more in the mood for romance, the comedy was less represented. It was a bit strange for me to see Moriko Morioka play a man in the online game and Yuuta Sakurai play a woman and like that getting closer in the online game. But this has led to beautiful misunderstandings that were later clarified in the real world.

The characters were all well done, but Homare Koiwai annoyed me pretty much. I thought he was a bit too pushy and direct. There were many beautiful heartwarming moments with Moriko Morioka and Yuuta Sakurai but because of Homare Koiwai always butting in between the couple, the middle part of the anime became rather weak. Moreover, the end of the anime, unfortunately, had no clear conclusion.

The last 3 episodes were the best (also the first half of the OVA). Episode 6 was the worst episode for me (because of Homare Koiwai) (For more informations –> NTR-Vibes?).


Romance Ratinginfo (Spoiler):
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