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News (06. January 2021):

The current state of my blog?
I am quite satisfied.
Last year I was able to change the structure a bit, clean up some texts and write a few more posts than the year before.
And, I get between 100 and 150 visitors a day.
Always in the hope that I could be of help to someone.

At the moment I am still working on a new post.
This post will become somewhat longer again, which means I need a little more time to finish it.
In addition, I am currently looking for a new job, which means that I will have less time for the blog for the time being.


Later, I would also like to try something new, but which could also possibly take a little time.


What changes will come next?

First, I will add a new category, or let’s rather say, I will change a category.
Since the start of this blog I have the category ‘Outdated’.
But except from my first three posts, I have never used this category again.
So, I will change it to ‘Recomendations’.

What does it mean? Pretty simple.
I want to fill my blog with more anime, so I’m going to add some anime that I’ve seen in the past that I thought contained good romance and were great to watch.

The problem?
The posts will be mostly empty or offer very little detail.
The details are available as far as I can remember about the anime.
(However, I will definitely update the post with new info at a later date.)

The good thing about it?
It requires less writing and less work, which means I can upload faster and more posts per month.
In addition, there will be at least a few more new anime for you to decide if you’re interested in or not.


Secondly, I want to change the design of the blog so that it looks a bit more modern and appealing.
And I also want to add some new functions.


Thirdly, one of the functions I would like to add to the blog is a donation system.
I myself am not a big fan of ads and will not put them here.
So I thought the donation system would be a better idea to collect some money.
This money could help to build up the blog a little bit more.
And if one day I saved enough money from the donation, I might even ask a professional to set up my blog and design it better and add better functions.
But before I continue to dream and think so far into the future, I have to do some research and find out how it would all work in the first place.


However, there is still time until then.


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