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15.10.2021 – New design

Welcome to my new version.
I have changed quite a few things, both in design and functionality.

Anime Blog Page

  • There is a new header at the top, which is more centrally and more legible.
  • In addition, you can now immediately check the progress bar under post status to see how far I am with the next post.

  • The sidebar is gone so that the posts are now nicely centered.

  • Instead there is now the topbar, which is positioned between the header and the posts.
  • A click on the Magnifying glass (🔍) and a quick menu opens up to – a normal search, advanced search, and other additional information (, also polls) – which you can reach immediately this way.
    A click on the X above and the menu closes again.



The posts also have a slightly different look.

A better separation of the areas for a better overview.

  • The romance rating under the image is now displayed with 10 hearts instead of the previous 5.
  • The anime information is now framed with a dotted line.
  • The relation table is now also centered, colored and for mobile-users also responive (table can be slided, if e.g. the title is too long).
  • The ? next to Anime Information, General Facts, Romance Facts now redirect you straight to the respective descriptions.
  • The spoilers have now also a more noticeable dividing line, so that the next spoiler is better recognized.
  • ‘My opinion’ has a clearer text color.
  • And the ‘Romance rating info (spoiler)’ is now also highlighted in a more visible area.



  • The pages Blacklist, Post Status, Changelog and Guestbook were also all refreshed.

  • For the Blacklist and Post Status page please read the respective descriptions again.

  • The general description page I could not change, but will be done later.



I have made many changes especially for mobile users:

  • I could finally adjust the layout for mobile users.
  • Texts should all be displayed correctly now.
  • Tables are now all responsive and can be slid to the left or right.
  • The relationships of the couples now have the correct arrow direction.



  • I have changed/added texts, symbols and spoilers.
  • Added two new anime to the blacklist.
    (More will be added soon!)


In addition, some things that are rather important in the background.

  • An advantage for me would be, for example, that I can create posts faster or design them better.
  • Furthermore, the page should now run faster and more fluid.



  • The covers of the slider on the home page are a bit uneven.
    This is related to the resolution of the covers.
    I have already tried some solutions, but have not yet managed to fix it.

  • Under the post you currently see ‘Read more’.
    I am at the moment not able to change it as to the usual ‘Spoil yourself’.
    I hope this will change soon.

  • I couldn’t set up new tags and further changes while editing the page (on local).
    But will be implemented in the next few days, since the page is now live.

  • Update:
    Some things that had worked on the site (locally) now don’t work with the current live version, for whatever reason 🤷‍♂️

    1. The page navigation at the bottom is not centered as usual, but left-aligned.
    All the suggested solutions I have found so far have not solved anything.

    2. The layout and the font size are bigger for some reason, and under the charackter images is a big black line that was not there before.
    These things I can fix, but the annoying thing is that I have to go through all the posts again one by one to do it 😭


Important for mobile and tablet users:

  • Please pay attention when you want to switch between the 2 dropdown menus.
    Dropdown menus do not close automatically, and must be closed manually (just click on the respective X).
    I don’t have an idea how to solve this problem yet, and have to research further.

  • Depending on the resolution of your device, the layout may not be displayed properly.
    But this is only a temporary problem and will be fixed quickly.



I hope you like the new features and the new design. (Or maybe not?)


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Please let me know if you have found any errors that I have not listed.
It may be that I can not detect some errors with the devices I have.
Or maybe you even have suggestions?

As always at [email protected] or in the guestbook.

What changes will come next?

I am trying to fix the problems I still have with the new version.
I have listed the problems in the news.

! Check out the changelog for the latest changes !




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