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I wish you a lot of fun at spoiling and / or watching.



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Newest Changes:

As you may have noticed, in the last 2 months I have made some big changes and added new information and sections to my blog.
My motivation to work on the blog, which was barely present last year, is currently higher than ever.
That is firstly due to my better personal circumstances.
And secondly, I have received a couple of e-mails with very kind and positive feedback.
That made me very happy and motivated me even more.
At this point I would like to thank you all once again, and also thank you to the visitors who drop by my blog every now and then.
I am now almost at 5.000 visitors per month.
So I thought now that my blog, after all the updates I have done, is now ready to add one last function for the time being.
And afterwards, I can fully and completely concentrate on working on new posts.

So, I have now created a twitter account for this blog.

This is mainly only meant to keep you informed about the latest posts or changes.
That might be good for people who don’t always have time to check the post status, or who want to know immediately if there is something new on the blog.

Furthermore you can share the posts with other people.
To simplify things I have now added some share buttons under each post.
Share my blog where you think people should know about it.
Or help people who are looking for a specific anime.
Maybe that one is uploaded to my blog, then you can share the post to that person.

And thus you would also help me or rather the blog to grow and reach new visitors and help them in turn.

So, feel free to follow me on twitter, leave a like or share my content.
That would make me very happy.


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Problems with the display of Twitter?

I had problems with the display of the Twitter button.
And finally I found out why it did not work.
For me it was because of my Firefox browser.
Somehow Firefox does not load the Twitter scripts properly.

So if you are also using Firefox and have the same problems with the Twitter display, I have a solution for you here.
Click on the small “shield icon” next to the URL address field.
Then use the slider toggle disable “Enhanced Tracking Protection is ON for this site”.


What might be important to mention is that I disable the comment section on Twitter, for a couple of reasons.


Now there is nothing left for me to say but this:
Wait until there is something new from me and stay tuned.

Further changes:




Changes to come next:



You have any questions/comments/feedback or anything else?