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💕 Hello dear visitors 💕

Here are my latest posts that I have uploaded recently:


New checked anime post will be released on 23. April 2021.


Warning spoilers

Animes are being spoiled on this blog.

For newcomers, please read the descriptions.

There are explanations and more information about my blog.


The current state of my blog?

I am quite satisfied.
Last year I was able to change the structure a bit, clean up some texts and write a few more posts than the year before.
And, I get between 100 and 150 visitors a day.
Always in the hope that I could be of help to someone.


News (11. March 2021)

As you can see, I changed a few things:


On the home page you can now see the last 7 posts I uploaded.
These are also marked with a colored background:

Black background ➜ An anime from the Blacklist.
Rosy background ➜ An anime I’m currently watching and updating every week.
Yellowish background ➜ An anime I recommend.
No background color ➜ An anime I’ve checked thoroughly.

(The home page is not quite finished yet, so it will change a bit in the next few days.)

Also, as previously announced, I now have the category ‘Recommendations’.

What does it mean? Pretty simple.
I want to fill my blog with more anime, so I’m going to add some anime that I’ve seen in the past that I thought contained good romance and were great to watch.

The problem?
The posts will be mostly empty or offer very little detail.
The details are available as far as I can remember about the anime.
(However, I will definitely update the post with new info at a later date.)

The good thing about it?
It requires less writing and less work, which means I can upload faster and more posts per month.
In addition, there will be at least a few more new anime for you to decide if you’re interested in or not.

I will try to upload at least one recommendation per week.
So it’s worth checking out the site every weekend.

As you can see, I’ve added a Like function to my posts, for example.

This works as follows:

Firstly, there is a “thumbs up” button at the top of the post.
You can click this button if I was able to help you with the anime recommendations, in case you were looking for something new or found something after browsing through my spoilers..

And at the very bottom of the page, there is also a Like button.
You can click this button if you liked my post in its entirety.

It would make me incredibly happy, if those who have already read through my posts and liked it, could leave me a Like there.


What changes will come next?


Firstly, after seeing what you have chosen in the poll, I will not change the design for now.
I’m rather just going to change small things and try to make a few things clearer.
For example, I set up the new Like function in all postsand changed the home page a bit.
Now I need to update the spoiler function in some posts.


Secondly, the donation system.
After I have also seen here what you have chosen in the poll for the donation system, and I have also thought about it again myself, I will intergreate the donation system.

As I mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of ads myself.
Also, I did a little research.
Ads would only slow down or disrupt my site.
Furthermore, I don’t have enough visitors to really earn anything from them.
And most will probably have an add blocker.
Therefore, the ads are not really worth it for me.

So I thought the donation system would be a better idea to collect some money.

This money could help to build up the blog a little bit more.
And if one day I saved enough money from the donation, I might even ask a professional to set up my blog and design it better and add better functions.
But before I continue to dream and think so far into the future, I have to do some research and find out how it would all work in the first place.


! Check out the changelog for the latest changes !




You have any questions/comments/feedback or anything else?