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I’ve been a big fan of anime for quite a while, and even more of romance in anime. Unfortunately, I’ve seen so many romance animes now, so I’ve become very picky about what I like about romance in anime.
There are things that I do not want to see in Romance anime (taboo facts). That’s why I spoil myself for a long time the romance in Animes. But not everything, of course.

I have already found some blogs like mine here on the internet, but they are not up to date anymore and do not offer so many spoilers or are not that detailed.

So I just created my own blog, where I list animes that contains romance and then will spoiler that.


1.You can decide for yourself if you only look at my submitted rating.

But attention, that’s just my rating, on how I find the romance quality for the anime and how good implement it is.
I do not rate animation, music, characters or the general story (unless of course it’s a pure romance anime).

2. Or you want to know what facts the anime has.

So, for example, if you want to know if the anime has NTR or the couple will kiss, then you can spoil that, if you’re on the anime site. For this, a click on >> Spoil yourself <<. If you want even more detailed spoilers, then there is usually also a when and a what/why spoiler.

3. If you realy want to read my opinion or for example, how I got the rating, you can read this at the bottom of the anime page.

Just want to say again, Please note that the romance rating is my opinion on the romance in the anime.
Some (like me) like Romence more Vanilla, others like it dramatically and others do not like romance at all.
Everyone has a different taste, so don’t get influence by my opinion.


If there are any questions left, you can read more information in the top right corner under Descriptions or send me an email at: support@romancecheck.com


Above you come through Anime to the animes that I’ve checked so far. So for now I wish you much fun spoiling yourself.