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25. May 2022

Hi guys, after a long time I wanted to update you a little bit.

So first of all: SORRY!

It just doesn’t work out for me with the time. It’s really hard for me to find time where I can really sit down and write for hours on a post. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that way. When I get home from work, I’m either too tired or the time is way too short to create a new post.

And when I do have a little more time, I don’t know what to do first. I have so many games lying around that I still want to play, and so many movies and anime that I want to watch, so it’s very hard for me to decide what to do next. And on the weekend I spend most of the time with family and friends.

Apart from that, I’ve been traveling lately and have other things to deal with, which of course take up a lot of time.

Nevertheless, I will not just give up this blog!
I am online almost every day to keep this WordPress site and all plugins up to date.
For example, the other day I also deleted the newsletter because it didn’t make sense.
And also all the spam comments (which you don’t see) I have to delete daily.

The visitor numbers have also not changed much (as already mentioned in the last news of 23. December 2021). I still have so between 20 and 30 visitors. But I’m not so upset about that anymore. I just try to create new posts now, whenever I have enough time.
(Oh yes… and about the broken heart that I had, has also settled down again).


Alright, so what’s next?

I’m working on a new post, and hope to have it ready in a couple of weeks.

And on the side, I’m working ((again)) on a new design… or rather, the design won’t change much, but I’ve gotten feedback that the current design doesn’t work properly with some browsers. So I’m trying out a new system right now, which will take a few months.

Well, that’s it for now.
I don’t know if anyone even reads this, but if you do, thanks for being here, and I hope I was able to clarify things for you a bit ☺️


23. December 2021 – Plans for the next year

23. December 2021 – Plans for the next year

Hi guys, I’ll be a bit more open and honest with you in this news.

Over 2 months have passed now since I released my new design.

On the one hand, I have of course adapted the design so that it looks more modern and is also more user-friendly (especially for mobile users).

On the other hand, with the new design I tried to set up my site so that it meets the requirements of Googel for the search engine.

So that my site will be placed higher up in search and is easier to find, and thus I can bring my site to the attention of more people who are looking for romance anime recommendations and may even want to get spoilers.

And I have really researched, tried, changed, adjusted or set up again a lot of things, but unfortunately everything was useless and I was simply unsuccessful, which really demotivates me a lot.
(That’s why it took again a little longer until I could finish a new post).


Here you can see the status of my visitor traffic from last year until now:

As you can see, in January I still had an average of 200 visitors a day, but for whatever reason the number of visitors has started to decrease steadily as of the end of February.
So that I get at the current time, on average only 50 visitors a day 🙁

So after a lot of research, I found out that the blame could lie with Google, because they perform algorhitmus updates at irregular intervals, which negatively can affect my page rankings in Google search.

Other reasons could also be that anime is just not that trendy anymore, OR the time intervals of the publications of my posts is sometimes very long, so that visitors only stop by from time to time (which I fully understand of course).
But I can’t imagine that these reasons are the problem, because it was never a problem in the last years before.

Of course I would like to hire a professional to take a closer look at my site, but that would cost me over 1000 €, which unfortunately I don’t have 😅


So, what is the current situation with me and the blog, and what is the plan for the next year?

Well, apart from the fact that it annoys me quite a bit that the visitor numbers don’t go up again due to all my efforts, there are also personal reasons that demotivate me to make bigger posts that contain a lot of romance.
Silly me, have accidentally got a little crush on someone.
And the stupid thing is that I know nothing will come of it.
So for me right now, that means I’m a bit heartbroken and romance anime would just drag me down even more.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop watching romance anime.
No, I just need a little time to process.

So my plan for the next few weeks is to publish lots of little recommendation posts.
Without going into too much detail.
Only the really important information will be written in more detail, nothing more.


In addition, a small mention for next year, which will happen rather in the background once again, but I just want to inform you anyway, in case you wonder why it takes so long for me again:

  • I will change the web hoster around february.
    (Maybe that will help with the number of visitors.)
  • Also, I will move next year, somewhere between March and April.

Okay, that’s enough with my problems, sorry that I had to bug you with it, but this way you know the situation I’m in at the moment.

15. October 2021 – New design

15. October 2021 – New design

Welcome to my new version.
I have changed quite a few things, both in design and functionality.

Anime Blog Page

  • There is a new header at the top, which is more centrally and more legible.
  • In addition, you can now immediately check the progress bar under post status to see how far I am with the next post.
  • The sidebar is gone so that the posts are now nicely centered.
  • Instead there is now the topbar, which is positioned between the header and the posts.
  • A click on the Magnifying glass (🔍) and a quick menu opens up to – a normal search, advanced search, and other additional information (, also polls) – which you can reach immediately this way.
    A click on the X above and the menu closes again.


The posts also have a slightly different look.

A better separation of the areas for a better overview.

  • The romance rating under the image is now displayed with 10 hearts instead of the previous 5.
  • The anime information is now framed with a dotted line.
  • The relation table is now also centered, colored and for mobile-users also responive (table can be slided, if e.g. the title is too long).
  • The ? next to Anime Information, General Facts, Romance Facts now redirect you straight to the respective descriptions.
  • The spoilers have now also a more noticeable dividing line, so that the next spoiler is better recognized.
  • ‘My opinion’ has a clearer text color.
  • And the ‘Romance rating info (spoiler)’ is now also highlighted in a more visible area.


  • The pages Blacklist, Post Status, Changelog and Guestbook were also all refreshed.
  • For the Blacklist and Post Status page please read the respective descriptions again.
  • The general description page I could not change, but will be done later.


I have made many changes especially for mobile users:

  • I could finally adjust the layout for mobile users.
  • Texts should all be displayed correctly now.
  • Tables are now all responsive and can be slid to the left or right.
  • The relationships of the couples now have the correct arrow direction.


  • I have changed/added texts, symbols and spoilers.
  • Added two new anime to the blacklist.
    (More will be added soon!)

In addition, some things that are rather important in the background.

  • An advantage for me would be, for example, that I can create posts faster or design them better.
  • Furthermore, the page should now run faster and more fluid.


  • The covers of the slider on the home page are a bit uneven.
    This is related to the resolution of the covers.
    I have already tried some solutions, but have not yet managed to fix it.
  • Under the post you currently see ‘Read more’.
    I am at the moment not able to change it as to the usual ‘Spoil yourself’.
    I hope this will change soon.
  • I couldn’t set up new tags and further changes while editing the page (on local).
    But will be implemented in the next few days, since the page is now live.
  • Update:
    Some things that had worked on the site (locally) now don’t work with the current live version, for whatever reason 🤷‍♂️

    1. The page navigation at the bottom is not centered as usual, but left-aligned.
    All the suggested solutions I have found so far have not solved anything.

    2. The layout and the font size are bigger for some reason, and under the charackter images is a big black line that was not there before.
    These things I can fix, but the annoying thing is that I have to go through all the posts again one by one to do it 😭

Important for mobile and tablet users:

  • Please pay attention when you want to switch between the 2 dropdown menus.
    Dropdown menus do not close automatically, and must be closed manually (just click on the respective X).
    I don’t have an idea how to solve this problem yet, and have to research further.
  • Depending on the resolution of your device, the layout may not be displayed properly.
    But this is only a temporary problem and will be fixed quickly.


I hope you like the new features and the new design.

Please let me know if you have found any errors that I have not listed.
It may be that I can not detect some errors with the devices I have.
Or maybe you even have suggestions?

As always at [email protected] or in the guestbook.

What changes will come next?

I am trying to fix the problems I still have with the new version.
I have listed the problems in the news.

! Check out the changelog for the latest changes !