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Gamers! (Japanese)

Gamers! (English)



Adaption from: Light Novel



Romance rating:

2.5 out of 5 stars (5 / 10)



Title Episodes Release date Release season
Season 1 Gamers! 12 13.07.2017 ‑ 28.09.2017 Summer 2017
Season 2 No Informations


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General facts:

Age gap?
Time skip?

Romance facts:

Love Triangle?
Interruptions at
Love confession?
Will the couple get together?
Will the couple stay together?
Dead of a love partner?


My opinion:

A romance anime that I initially thought was playing in an online world like Sword Art Online or Log Horizon. But it’s more about the love the characters have for the games. However, in the later part of the anime this topic tends to fade into the background and misunderstandings become the main topic.
Unfortunately, these misunderstandings are barely resolved or even made worse by the characters.
This makes the couples’ relationships somewhat unbelievable, as it seems as if the couples barely pay attention to each other and do not take the relationship seriously.

There are some nice and funny moments here and there, especially I think Karen Tendo is the best character in Gamers! .

Also, towards the end, it feels like I’m watching a harem anime. In the style of: a weak male loner (main character) who has no friends, is then later surrounded by girls.
But that still keeps its limits, so I do not rate that as a harem. (For more informations –> Love Triangle?)

Episode 7, I rated the best, there was only one thing missing for the full points.
Otherwise, I found episode 2 and episode 4 still good. The rest was rather weak.


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