The Frontview of the Blogpage is kept simple.
Any anime that appears will display the anime title with the cover, anime informations, and my submitted romance rating.
As soon as you click on “Spoil Yourself” you will come to the main page of the anime. There, the romance facts will be displayed.


The Sidebar:

– Info:
Info about the next anime post or news

– Searchbar:
Here you can search for the title of an anime or for the facts. (Does not work as much as I would like.)

– Recent Posts

– Facts:
If you choose a fact here, animes that contain this fact will be displayed.
(These facts can be used in the searchbar.If you want to search for more than one fact, then separate the facts in the searchbar with a comma.)

– Categories:
If you select one of the three categories here, animes that have been noted with this status will be displayed.