What will you find on this blog?

I list animes on my blog that contain romance.
Romance fans who are looking for romance in anime, you can find anime with romance here (checked by me).
On the main page of the blog first you will see, the front view of the anime posts. On it are the anime title with cover, the anime information and my submitted romance rating.


The main topic of the blog:

If you want to know more about the romance part in the anime, you can now get further informations.
After you have decided on an anime, you can choose if you want to spoil the anime yourself.
So as soon as you click on “Spoil Yourself” you will get to the main page of the anime.
This page will show you a lot more details. Here, the information about the anime is displayed again above.
If you scroll down, you’ll find the -> facts <- that you want to spoil for the romance in the anime.


Romance Rating:

At the bottom you will find a short commentary on the anime without spoiler under “My opinion”.
Then comes the Romance Ratinginfo with spoilers. Here I summarize the romance in the anime and award points.
Here I summarize the Positive and Negative Romance in the anime.
The points are added or subtracted according to how the quality and quantity of the facts in the anime are and how the facts have developed (positive or negative).
So this is how my romance totalrating arises.

Please note that the romance rating is my opinion on the romance in the anime.
Everyone has a different taste, so don’t get influence by my opinion.



I like watching animes and preferably those that contain romance. So there is good and bad romance in animes and as I have become very picky over time, I inform myself in advance about the anime I want to watch. There are a few Romance things that I don’t like to watch. These are animes that contain my personal taboo facts and will be then saved under the Blacklist category.

Everyone has their personal taboo facts. That’s why you can spoil the anime of your choice here and thus prevent it, if it contains one of your taboo facts.
So for example, you can save a lot of time, anger, desperation, tears, etc. and spend time on another anime.



First of all, I want to apologize for mistakes in the blog. This is my first blog, so I will test around here and there, add new stuff or experiment with new ideas. That’s why it can happen that some things are displayed wrong or incorrectly.


In addition, English is not my native language, so I make a lot of typos. Before I publish new posts, I have my texts checked by spell checkers, so that my spelling for you are somewhat legible. Nevertheless, it can still happen that you will find spelling or grammatical mistakes.


So if you notice any page errors/spelling mistakes or if you have questions or criticisms, please write to me at:

I would be very happy about your feedback.


General information about blog functions and the future:

Since this is my first blog and I have no programming experience, I decided to create the blog for now with WordPress. So I was at least able to install the main functions with it. And since I speak three languages, I write my posts on this blog first in German and then translate them into English. Maybe later I will also translate in my native language.

I actually have a lot more ideas and bigger goals for this blog but that’s not possible with WordPress for now. So as long as I can help only a few visitors with this blog, it remains only a hobby blog. Should this blog eventually get more visitors, I will definitely change a few things.

But until then I wish you success in your research and hope that I could help one or the other.