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Anime description

I have no description of the anime. But there are a lot of anime descriptions that you can find on the internet.
I always look at MyAnimeList.Since I don’t know if I can copy the description just like that, I’ll leave it for now.


Status (Categories)


Animes I saw after creating this blog.
For each episode, I took notes so that I can inform you accurately about the facts.



Animes that I saw before I created this blog.
At that time I didn’t take notes, so the facts are rather inaccurate memories of me.
But I will rewatch these animes again later and update facts.



Animes containing my personal taboo facts. I will not watch these animes.
That’s why I can probably not quite give the details about most facts here, so the facts here will also be rather inaccurate.
But I’ll, as good as I can, spoil me from other sources and will then inform you  about the (unchecked)facts.


Then comes:


Title of the anime in Japanese and English.

Adaption from

For example, the anime has been adaped by: Manga, Game, Light Novel, Visual Novel etc.

Romance Rating

The romance rating I gave to the anime. (On the anime page you can find my opinion below with the romance ratinginfo)



Here are all released seasons to the anime listed. To each season the title (Japanese), episodes, release date, and release season will be displayed.
Some animes have a different chronological order, than how they was released. By these animes you can then switch between release date and chronology.


Below are the romance facts and my opinion with the Romance Ratinginfo.